Living 3D Dolphins Full Screen Saver

Living 3D Dolphins Full Screen Saver 1.0

Living 3D Dolphins Full Screen Saver takes you to an ocean with dolphins
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Would you like to be able to go to the bottom of the ocean and watch marine life in its natural habitat? Do you think that taking a diving course is too much trouble?
Living 3D Dolphins Full Screen Saver takes you to the ocean to watch the dolphins.

This unique screen saver goes a long way beyond the usual screen savers that only show a couple of colorful fish swimming in one direction or the other. You will be surrounded by beautiful coral where small fish swim and hide.

But, all of a sudden, a big silhouette appears! It's a dolphin. Watch how these magnificent mammals play with each other, or simply swim by gracefully as if watching you.

This beautiful screen saver takes you on a diving trip to the colorful coral reef where you will be able to see different kinds of corals, sponges and more.

You can watch the rays of the sun filtering through the water, making you feel like you were really underwater.

To complete the scene, you will listen to the sounds of the dolphins! They will "chant" to each other and also produce their characteristic noises.

Living 3D Dolphins Full Screen Saver will let you explore the marine world right on your desktop.

Fernando Soni
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  • Very realistic dolphins


  • After a while it might get repetitious
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